Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the details

Since I have been running around like a crazy woman with little time to write a proper post, I figured I would give you at least a bit of an update.

*baby head down and ready to go

*4 weeks left

*can't sit down b/c there are too many things I want to get done. RESULT: swollen left foot, beauty at it's finest.

*baby's room ready

*had a wonderful baby shower this weekend filled with LOTS of chatting, Mexican food, good friends, good dessert, and lots of boy clothes - thanks ladies!

That's it! Now let's hope this heat doesn't get me down. Good thing we have AC.


Anonymous said...

Im so so excited for you!!! i have LOTS more boys clothes here if you want them. Let me know. We are coming to P Town August 16th weekend...please say we can see you. I miss you-this pregnancy FLEW for me haha for you too? MISS YOU tons. I was at the beach today and wished you were there....remember when it was just you Sophia and me...time where does it go? Jenny

kate said...

Jenny - you can definitely see us! We miss you tons as well and yes I do remember sophia at the beach, such a sweet time. Can't wait to see your bright cheery face. btw - way to go on the run!

Shelby said...
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Shelby said...

Kate...I can't wait to 'meet' your new little man. Take it easy on yourself! I wish we could see some baby boy room pics!