Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sprinkler Reviews

I'm a sucker for cute sprinklers and I've learned one thing, my kids don't show the share my enthusiasm. I've finally learned why. When a sprinkler is crazy or shoots high into the air, it freaks them out.

I've finally found the best one. But first, I'll show you the ones I've been suckered into that don't work.

Little Tikes Beach Ball

Very cute, doesn't move, soft spray. Popped and I can't find the slow leak to fix it. My very first sprinkler purchase. It's a take it or leave it around here. I get all excited to put it up only to have one of them ask me to turn it off within 5 minutes.

The Crazy Daisy

This one looks really fun and the girls always wanted to get it. Thankfully, I hit the Target clearance jackpot and found one for $2. It's great, but a bit too crazy for the girls. They don't like how it whips around and sprays them unexpectedly.

Now for the one that beats all sprinkler's - the BEST of the BEST
The 3 pronged, twirly little sprinkler for $2.73 at Walmart. They have played in this for at least 30 minutes everytime. They love it. It only sprays in a 6 foot radius so it's not ideal for your watering needs, but it entertains the kids.
The reason I think they love it, it only hits them around their thighs making it so that they don't worry about it hitting them in the face. It shouldn't surprise me that the cheapest sprinkler you can find is the best.

There you have it, my sprinkler reviews. I'm fairly certain every other kid on earth likes the first two and would be bored with the last one, but hey, what works for one, might not work for the other.


TcH said...

that's why Kam wears her goggles in the sprinkler, b/c she doesn't like it in her eyes either.


Cutzi said...

Heh heh. I like this post. It's totally true. Steele and Adia don't like it spraying them so unexpectedly either. They both really liked the one that just goes back and forth in an arch - I think I bought it at Walmart too.

amanda said...

love this review friend. i have been looking at the big ball one, but haven't been able to decide. i think you just made my decision for me!

thanks :)

Jodi said...

Our neighbors have one I really want to get that's just a mist. I think I want it more for myself than the kids though. :)

And yes, we need to get together soon! We leave this week for our trip, but we should plan a sprinkler date as soon as we get back!

Shelby said...

You made me laugh out loud with this one!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! You should do more reviews!! I'd take your recommendations any day!

What;s your fave booster carseat?

kate said...

Christa - that's funny..I haven't gotten to booster seats yet, but we have the convertible evenflo. I'm a big evenflo fan but I have friends who don't like their tightening devices on the carseats, but I haven't had trouble with them.