Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What do you do when your husband doesn't have work for 3 weeks? Go bowling!

The girls have bowled on the Wii, but this was time for the real thing.

It was hilarious, especially since we went on a cheap Monday morning which also happened to be Senior morning. Good thing they thought our kids were cute.

My favorite pose of all time. She's looking like she owns the place.

Dave helping Lily throw the ball

Checking out how slow her ball could possibly go.

It was super fun. I highly suggest it to all looking for a fun family activity.


Shelby said...

Fun stuff Kate. Bowling has to be one of my hubby's favorite things to do and we've only done it once (for a bday party) with the kids. We will have to go on a weekday. Great idea...thanks!

amanda said...

LOVE this!

def in our future plans :)

Katie said...

I loved going bowling when I was little. Great way to get some fun family time in.

Jenny said...

I totally agree with Katie. What a great idea. Looks like you had fun and I love Eloise's pose! lol

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

That is awesome, Kate!! What did they think afterward? Are they wanting to go back for more? DId some seinors decide to put them on a team?