Monday, December 7, 2009

thoughts and ramblings

I'm hanging out here with this cute guy enjoying Pandora on my new computer that Dave got up at 3am to purchase on Black Friday. I L.O.V.E., love it!!

So I thought I would post few happenings around our house.

First, the family rules. It was a fun project and I spent alot of time just working my way through it. We have yet to go over it with the girls, but it's on the wall.

Christmas is in full swing in our house. I love decorating for this time of year. Here's a few pictures of my favorite ornaments and such.

my snowflakes are hung from the ceiling around the house

This little cute snowbaby was hanging in the sun today, so cute. We have several and the girls now call them snowfairies. (anything to remind them of Tinkerbell)

A pink sledding elephant. Who doesn't need one of these.

The advent calendar from last year is slowly becoming complete. I'd like to finish off the edges and a few other touches, but for the most part, it's done and the girls love it. I used a snowman cut out and put small messages, verses, activities, etc...on each one. Now we just have to tackle the arguing over who gets to pull out the snowman.

Dave is out of work for the month of December. It's just another adjustment in a year of being flexible. It teaches us to be patient and that God has been incredibly faithful many times over. We look forward to celebrating all of this with many friend and family gatherings.


Shelby said...


I LOVE your house rules. I've been wanting to 'do' that project but I've had a hard time picking and choosing the rules I wanted on there. I have a question on one of them. I'm going to email you. (:

I love this post! I'm praying, as always, for your adorable family!

amanda said...

i was just thinking that i needed a little sam love and there he is!

and loving the house rules! must add that to my to do list :)

ps- and once again i admire your attitude about dave's extra month of quality time. you are an amazing woman.

Kate said...

Love it all. Can we make one of those rules signs when I come in Jan? Or it is big? What's it on? Miss you!

kate said...

kate - we can make one. It's on canvas, but you can make it as big or little as you want. A small one might be a little easier to do. You might have a better printer than me, so I can teach you and you can do it back home. Can't wait to see you then.

Katie said...

I just love that little guy!

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

Wow, Sam is changing a lot!! I always thought he was a Lily clone, but now I see Eloise!! He's adorable!! Your house looks cozy and I want to come visit. :(

lindsey said...

your family rules look awesome!

Anonymous said...

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