Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2nd Annual Wreath Making

Last year my life-long girlfriends got together to make wreath's at my parents farm. We all grew up in Puyallup (just south of Seattle) and our parents still live in town. Seems to be that Thanksgiving is the time we can all rally together for a day or two.

This year we had even more fun with more kids. There were treats, tractor rides, feeding the cows, pumpkin tossing, and a big warm fire.

The beautiful mountain in the background makes this day even better


amanda said...

oh friend - i remember this from last year!! sooo fun! can i pretty please come next year?

kate said...

absolutely! you are in!

Kristine said...

So fun to get to see pics of all the girls! I love the fact that you guys still stay in touch.. friendships are amazing that way!

Katie said...

Good times!