Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Sing

Dave and I love it every year when the kids Christmas singing rolls around. It usually means lots of blank faces, off tune singing and tons of parents taking pictures. And we're always hoping that some kid will do something really hilarious, of course, we hope it's not ours.

Eloise had a meltdown first hour and didn't want to go into church. Lily followed suit b/c she saw her sister crying. Dave offered to sit on the stage with them to help ease the fears. Second hour rolled around and they were both fine.

Pictures to document the glorious event:

Waiting to go to church. This is so characteristic of their personalities. Lily isn't shy about much and Eloise is shy about everything, including her mother taking a picture.

Getting ready to sing second hour
Here's the final show! Enjoy.


Shelby said...

Precious Kate! They both look like little dolls and did very well stage. Too cute!

Julie said...

I tried to reply to your comment, but couldnt'. So... I teach at Fife High School (just north of Tacoma).

I almost got my girl that same dress for Christmas but I waited too long and now they don't have her size. :(

kate said...

Julie - that's what I was worried about so we ran out and snagged one. I have learned that when I like something at Target, I should buy it right then, b/c chances are, everyone else likes it too.
My friends mom used to work there. Mary Fore. She was a great lady.

Kate said...


Katie said...

They were fantastic! I loved watching them, and their darling outfits.

My favorite is that there are so many parents in front taking pictures you can hardly see the little ones.

Brenda L said...

I'm so biased but all those little girls are so precious. Of course my Amanda baby is right up front showing off her talents. Can't keep that girl down.