Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are so many things I want to write down and catch up on, but I also want to sleep. Decisions, decisions.

Sam is on the move, not walking, but crawling like a monster everywhere and into EVERYTHING. I refuse to put door locks on my cupboards b/c I don't want to have to deal with it (I'm stubborn) and the girls only went through a short phase of getting into things, but with the 3rd kid there are other distractions. Today he managed to find the cooking cupboard and for some reason the vanilla cap was loose and he dumped some out on himself and the floor. At least he smelled like cookies!

I took the girls to their first wedding yesterday. The could not stop talking about how white and sparkly the brides dress was. To them, she was a princess. Seeing the wedding through their eyes brought back the fantasy part of it all that is lost when you've already had your own. It was a joy.

I've been following this fantastic party planning blog, TomKat. Eloise is turning 5 in a month and she is having her first friend party. She wants a garden fairy party and when I googled some ideas this one came up. Let's just say that drool was all over my computer. I love planning parties and cakes for my kids and I'm so pumped for this one. We've already made tutu's, ordered wings, and gathered ideas (homemade fondant) for the cake. I hope it's a nice day b/c all my ideas will work best outside.

Speaking of parties, sometimes people look at me a little crazy that I'm planning for a 5 yr old's party. I know she's only 5 and may or may not remember it, but I love doing this for her and planning it with her. I know other moms don't and that's great. Each mama has something they love and enjoy doing for their kiddos. This is my thing.

This little video was taken after we came home from somewhere. It's actually happened alot lately. I used to not be one for kids sleeping in the car but the girls are at the age where they can go without a nap easily and actually having a nap will make bedtime that much longer and more painful. I took this to remind myself of how peaceful they all are when their sleeping and that these are the moments (when I'm driving) where I need to remember to gather myself together, pray, focus and gear up for the rest of the day.

time to sleep


amanda said...

i used to think i wouldn't be "that" mom who got all caught up in party planning...but then i became a mom! and now i am all about the parties. first bc it's just fun to do and second bc soon enough they will be planning their own i think for now it is my turn :)

can't wait to see what you guys end up doing - everything you linked too looks awesome!!