Wednesday, August 25, 2010

public toilets

Let's talk toilets for a minute.

First, taking 3 children to the potty in a public place is chaos. (I tried to think of a great way to describe it, but words are failing me). It's just plain difficult. If you're lucky enough to be in a place where the stall is big enough to hold 4 people and a huge stroller you have your first hurdle jumped.

Then we move onto examining what type of flushing mechanism the toilet is equipped with. If it's your typical handle, no fear. If it's the IKEA type that's green with the up or down options, we've got questions. If it's the type with a button to push on the wall, it's cool. If it's automatic, we've got screaming. TREMBLING AND SCREAMING! They know. If there's no type of handle or gigantic button, we've got serious trouble.

I can see it in there minds. The two of them standing there debating if they really have to pee or will they take their chances and forgo this unpredictable bowl that could flush on them at any moment..

With the patience of my husband (which is none) I plop them down on the toilet, hands clutching onto my shoulders, and their heads looking back at the toilet with rapid fervency just waiting for this monster to blow. They finally pee out as much as their trembling body can possibly muster up. And then before I know it, they've climbed off the seat, huddled into the corner with their pants still down, and their ears covered as if waiting for a bomb to go off.

It's flushed, we can all breathe again.

Oh wait, there's one more and Sam is now trying to climb out of the stroller.


TcH said...

I know it's not funny, but your post rocks!!
I read something that someone said they take post it notes and put them over those sensor things so the toilet wont flush while their kids are going potty. You should stick a pad of those in your diaper bag. You know with the 1000 other things you have to manage when you go out and about.

RachelC said...

So true! I'm all for touching as little as possible, but I would be happier to have to flush myself than not knowing if my kids got all their tinkle out or not due to the fear!

Kate said...

THAT, my friend, made me laugh out loud!

Shelby said...

Oh that is so funny Kate!

Somehow, my kids love the automatic flushers. They think it is SO funny when they flush before they are The thing I cringe at is now Josh wants to go in a stall by himself. Of course we go in the girls bathroom unless daddy is with us. So, Josh likes to lift the lid. ICK! And he isnt' tall enough to hike his leg up to flush with his foot so he does it with his hand. ): Eeeeeek. Jess has it all down and she can't wait till she is tall enough to hover over the potty like mama!! (:

Ashley N said...

That was HILARIOUS, and so true! I only have to juggle two and a big stroller, but I so feel you.

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

SO funny! You are hilarious, I can totally see it happening!