Thursday, August 5, 2010

My 500th post

Wow! Number 500. I started this blog just a bit after Lily was born and it's been a great place to de-brief all this parenting, life stuff. I appreciate all who have read and followed along. I'm glad I've got some interesting things to write every once in a while.

here's some favorite things:

*everyday chocolate cake - I'm making this some day. I'm really trying to lose 10 lbs and having this in the house doesn't help get rid of the extra lbs.

*We love to make bread here. I picture us doing it for the long haul. I REALLY want this bread machine. I love the true loaf rather than the regular bread machine loaf. It's a little pricey so I'm going to have to do some exploring for a deal.

*We're planning Eloise's 5th birthday in a month and she really wants a Rosetta Fairy party. It's her first friend party where she gets to invite 5 friends. We're super-duper excited. She loves this cake. I don't know if this mama can pull it off.

*We got to church with family that has two autistic boys. I loved this post from a mom about what/how to be around autistic children.

*i would like to make these delicious bars

*gorgeous bathroom. gorgeous.

Happy 500th post!


Ashley N said...

I always love your links : ) Congrats on your 500th post...that's big!

amanda said...

congrats on the big 500 friend :)

and i just saw that cake on smitten kitchen and needless to say i too am smitten!!

happy weekend friend!!

and ps - i think you can totally pull off that cake!

Kate said...

Happy 500th - I've loved EVERY one of them. Can't wait for 500 more.

RachelC said...

Congrats on 500!

Just a suggestion on the bread. We too have a bread machine that makes those huge loaves that are so inconvenient. We have the bread machine do all the work except bake it. Then I take it out (it's 2lbs) and split it in half and put each half in a bread pan, let rise and then bake in the oven! Voila - 2 normal loaves =)