Sunday, December 14, 2008

baby #3

I'm fairly early in my pregnancy, 8 weeks. I know this is a bit early to announce but it's way too hard for me to keep a secret. I know there are risks in telling people early and I've experience miscarriage before, my first pregnancy (*). My feelings of loss during that time were not compounded by the fact that I had told people. In fact, I was glad people knew. It was just the support I needed during a difficult time.

Baby #3 is not the same surprise Lily was. We, especially Dave, had been thinking about the idea of a 3rd. I admit, I was a bit more reserved. After we had Lily, I was done. I got rid of everything; baby seat, clothes, a few apparatus's, etc. I knew that if I had another one, I could borrow from the many friends who were still having babies. So, after Dave's incessant begging, [:)] I caved.

I get excited when I think about 'life' with 3, but I don't get excited about newborns or the first 6 months. That is such a painfully out of control time for me that I am not looking forward to. But now that my girls are older and I see how short that phase is, I can power through.

We did not find out the sex of the first two babies, but I made Dave agree to find out with the 3rd. He's desperate for a boy and I'm pushing for a girl. So our surprise will come early this time and I can't wait.

I've been experiencing lots of crazy symptoms, the same as with the girls, and thankfully, no vomiting. Lots of tired afternoons and a slightly impatient temper. I know it will pass so that gives me hope.

Thanks for all the congrats. It makes me get excited for this little babe.

*I found out that I had miscarried at 13 weeks, but my body miscarried somewhere around 7 or 8 weeks. It is believed that I had a blighted ovum and carried a very long time. I miscarried naturally at home the next week.


The Hansen Family said...

Congratulations Kate! I'm sorry you have to be pregnant again, but I'm excited for your baby. :) I will pray for you tonight. Love, Ginny

Shelby said...

Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for baby #3. I'm guessing there is a boy in there (:

aimee said...

I LOVED finding out with our fun!

Kate said...

It's totally a girl! If I can make it through this first six months, I know you can....I CAN make it, right? love you, friend!

TcH said...

does this mean you have to change the name of your blog? Right now you can call it "and then there were 2.5" and then later "and then there were 3"

or something.

I am going to say girl as well.

That's my vote.

amy said...

I love that you are sharing early and totally agree with you about it! It kind of feels to me like not treating the baby as a life when people wait to tell. Like a residual effect of our abortion culture... not worthy of celebrating until it reaches a certain viablilty. Anyway, congratulations and good job!
I am 12 weeks along with my 5th. And pregancy has never been easy for me. But the way my kids love each other, love the new brother or sister in my womb --it's just really good and right!
And for the last of my unsolicited comments: adding number three was by far the easiest addition we have ever made to our family! And he is the biggest kick in the pants (now 4) I can't imagine life without him!
Very excited for your family,

Mrs. Butler said...

Congrats!! You are a baby-making machine.

Anonymous said...

we are oh so excited....Sophia says she will come and help:) Jenny

Unknown said...

You're going to find out the gender! I can't believe it! How exciting. Either one will be great.

Along For the Ride said...

Congrats Kate!!! That's awesome. If you want to bring the girls over sometime to play so you can rest, let me know!