Friday, December 5, 2008

Favorite Link Friday - Christmas

Most of these are Christmas Links but I had to add a few for laughs.

*Snow Globes - was our craft of the week. It was a fun project. It might be a bit better to do it with plastic jars for little ones b/c the glass ones are a little heavy. But if you have baby food jars, those would be perfect.

*I have this same fear. I do not like opening these cans at all and there is a good chance someone will have to open one this holiday season.

*Oh My! Really?!?

*Fruity Christmas Garland - we are stocked with cereal so I think we may attempt this at snack time.

*Recipe booklet - hit all those after-Christmas sales to find all the materials for this one.

*This would be fun to do with Christmas colors and stamps. If only I had the space this house does and the cute decor.

Hope Christmas is going smooth for you all. Enjoy the weekend and don't be one of those crazy frenzied shoppers.


Kate said...

If crescent rolls give you anxiety, I can't imagine you around a bottle of champagne. Kitty wigs? Oh my.

Jodi said...

I don't like those Pillsbury cans either. They're like a jack-in-the-box. I was terrified of those as a kid.

I love the big canvas idea.

Dena said...

kitty wigs? seriously??


Shelby said...

I LOVE favorite link Friday. I looooove it! thanks Kate!