Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas humor part 1

It all started two weeks ago Sunday. The snow was coming down and the news was blazing with special reports of Arctic Blast 08'. I'm sure every mid-westerner would have been laughing hysterically with the hype we put into snow around here. My pessimism began and I was sure only a few inches would fall, if that. Regardless, the day home was welcomed and the time with family enjoyable.

As the week went on, the snow and ice did as well. My patience thinned and the walls seemed to move closer in. Friends were gracious enough to come have dinner with me and keep me from turning into the wicked witch of the west on my children.

Thursday we managed to escape the abode and have dinner with friends. However, the ride home proved to be a little tedious and unnerving. When the road sparkles and kids are using it as an ice-rink--it's best to get home fast and carefully.

At 4 a.m. Friday I awoke to the sound of my husband vomiting. It could possibly be the worst sound a newly pregnant woman hears. I immediately started praying for mercy and banished myself to Lily's room. Only to be awoke every 30 minutes by the sound Dave's heaving body in the bathroom.

I disinfected the entire house, wouldn't let Dave come out of his room and whisked the girl's out of the house as quick as I could. I needed to get some shopping done and for the day, the weather decided to hold off. I was not going to come home until Dave stopped showing any signs of this dreaded stomach flu. He stopped at noon, so I figured 7 pm might be a good time to return.

Arctic Blast was apparently rearing it's ugly head the next day again. UGHHH. I was already done with snow and we hadn't even seen the half of it yet. Saturday arrived and so did the snow and extreme temperatures and wind. My pessimism was being beat with a stick as the snow fell and fell and fell and fell some more. Could it really snow more? Please oh please make it stop.

Sunday night arrived and Lily began her barf-capades. Dave was kind enough to deal with it even though it breaks his heart and he can't stand it. I'm doomed. I'm for sure getting the stomach flu.

To be continued...