Monday, December 8, 2008

Kid - tivity

'Kid-tivity': kid friendly activity.

Tonight I had the best brainstorm. It had been a long day and my excitement for bedtime was great. However, the process to get to bedtime was not. I've mentioned before that I fly solo for bedtime, which to be honest, I love. Bedtime happens when and how I want it to. But there are still some nights where it's just a bit much.

Christmas lends itself well to late night drives. Coupled with the low gas prices and lots of twinkle lights, you have yourself an easy way out of books every now and then.

I piled them in, jammies and blankies and we drove around looking for sparkle lights listening to Christmas music. I also happened to stop by McD's for a $1 sundae and did not feel one bit guilty keeping it all to myself.

By 7:25 they were out! I really do love all the people who hang Christmas lights up. You really make my children happy.

Searching for sparkle lights
Lily: "Sparkle lights, wheres ares you?"


Jenny said...

I need to do that with Gabe. Go look at lights. Julie has been taking Jaden out at night and he LOVES it.

Now I'm craving a $1 sundae from McD's. HA

Thanks again for helping me out today. I know he loved hanging out with you guys since he was about to leave with you tonight. ;o)

Love you friend!

Along For the Ride said...

If you do that again and it's not too far for you, you should come down our street. We have a few houses with lights (including ours) and we have a huge blow up Santa and Snowman in our yard. Kids usually love those. :-)


TcH said...

Fun! I love this time of year. WE always go on night walks when it's not raining. Last year Kambrie yelled "Christmas lights" at every house that had them. LOL
ha ha ha.
Peacock Lane opens on December 15!! Although that is probably a bit far to drive.

LDraper said...

That is a family tradition in our house too! PJs, Christmas music and peppermint mochas for the adults! We do it often!

amanda said...

oh i love this idea friend!!

can't wait to do this when beans is older :)