Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend part 2

My parents own a tree farm. Think small trees, not big Christmas trees. They sell the small ones to companies for promotional events, as wedding giveaways, and for reforestation purposes. They started the business the year before I was born. I've spent many a winter and spring in planting and harvest. It's not my favorite and I'm certainly not standing in line to inherit the family business. I can think of about a thousand more occupations I would rather do with my life. But...it does have it's perks, like Christmas trees!

I must note here that these small trees, if not sold get planted on the back of my parents property for Christmas time. The search is not really for the perfect tree, it's for which tree has 2/3 of it 'acceptable' for decoration. My brother has been known to drill holes and glue in branches. My mom, for strategically placing ornaments to hide a hole. That said, I found a true gem.

The girls piled into the wagon and my dad headed out with the chainsaw (no manual saws here).
We found our little 5 ft tree and posed for that perfect family pic. (remember the family skills at picture taking - not good)

We loaded it up and brought it home. (that's why it's only 5ft tall). That is my parents tree on top of ours. They had to lob off the top of a 20 foot tree...now that was funny.
And here's the final product.
And my favorite ornament...the blueberry fairy.
It's been a fun Christmas season so far. I look forward to the coming weeks.


rebecca said...

OOoooo Kate! Tell your parents I'll inherit their tree farm in your place!!!
And what's with Madame Blueberry?

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

My husband & I both got our degrees in Horticulture.. we love trees and have always dreamed of having a tree farm.. oh the dreams! Your tree turned out beautiful! We are not doing one this year because we will be in Oregon.. kind of sad to not be looking at a beautiful tree right now.

Kate said...

It looks beautiful! I bought a fake tree when Cory was sick (even thought I vowed to never do that), and although I love the ease of it and how economical it is, I really miss the tradition of cutting down our own tree, the smell, the pine needles all over my carpet!

Looks perfecto! And, it looks like you got an advent calendar in the background too. I'll take a picture of the one my mom made us when I finally get decorations up this week. Hopefully!

amanda said...

love the tree friend - adorable!!

and is that your new advent calendar in the background?? loving it as well - maybe pottery barn can sell yours next year?

anne said...

I too was admiring the advent calendar. Maybe you can take a picture of it and display it on the blog for all of us to see...it's a little difficult with your beautiful tree in front. :)

Shelby said...

How cute Kate! I love this entry! That is a sentimental tree which, to me is much better than one picked off of a lot =)