Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the big restroom

I'm a huge respecter of handicapped parking spaces and restroom stalls. I know that the moment I use one, someone who actually needs it is going to drive up or walk through the door.

This being said, I've made an exception. No, I'm not parking in handicapped parking spots. According to my husband, there is no need. When I'm pregnant, we get what he likes to refer to as "pregnant parking". All it means is that I have the pregnant girl luck when it comes to parking. Without fail there is always a place in front of the store. And there really is, he's right. But now that I've just written it here, I'm jinxed.

But the bathroom stalls, well, that's a different story. I'm more than happy to take up a stall if I have my double stroller and a 3 1/2 year old desperate to use the potty. For anyone waiting outside for the toilet, I'm more than happy to say, "Sorry, we really do need the room".

What if I'm alone though? Some of the regular restrooms are so small I feel like I'm threading my prego body through the eye of a needle. Just barely escaping falling in the toilet. So I've decided, any pregnant woman over 7 months, is allowed to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom and this is why:

1. it's roomy. I need all that space to turn around without risk of falling into the toilet.
2. it has nifty handle bars to help the ladies who are 9 months up off the toilet. Not saying we all need this, but regardless of if you are half way down or all the way down, coming up is always a problem when you are that far along. I'm already sighing when I see something fall on the ground and then instantly looking around for one of the girls to pick it up for me. The bars are necessary.
3. it's just more comfortable. period.

So there you have it. The big stall is no longer just for handicapped, it's for the prego mama's as well. We need the help too. (I mean NO disrespected to ANY/All handicapped individuals - if you are waiting in line behind me for the restroom, you go first.)


amanda said...

i will just say amen!!

ps - love the memorial day pics - looks like a wonderful and yummy weekend!

rebecca said...

Uhhh, I have never even thought twice about using the handicapped restroom when I am with my children and not pregnant! I really don't think it isn't supposed to be used by those who aren't handicapped, I'm pretty sure it is intended to be used by everyone but is made big enough for those in a wheelchair. So I guess I'm saying, I agree, and then some!

AnonyMe said...

I agree, too!

Brenda L said...

I always use handicapped stalls because my 6'2 frame DOES NOT fit into some of those tinny little stalls.