Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Fun links for all

*Punched butterflies -- this one might be kind of tough and I don't know if it would be kid friendly with sharp edges, but maybe a great garden gift.

*Trash bags for the car -- We need to make these. I'm sick of all the paper around and wrappers. I think hanging one on each seat for the girls would work great.

*New use for old windows -- these are great finds at garage sales or estate sales or maybe even along side the road for free.

*Simple child's apron pattern

*Interesting comparison with the current recession and the Great Depression

*Great blog - Grace Violet

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend!


Mrs. Butler said...

I love "Favorite Link Friday". I can't wait for summer. I already have a list of fun projects to go back and look at on your blog and do with James. You are the cutest! Hope things are well! xoxo molly

Dena said...

Garbage bags: We have tried EVERYTHING. And really, anything works, as long as you use it! (right?;)

But we've found that a giant tupperware with lid has worked out the greatest. Big open target for Tyler in the back seat and the lid works out nice when there is something liquid/extra messy.

LOVE The links...thanks!!