Monday, May 4, 2009

My worst nightmare

I'm attempting my worst nightmare right now--moving both girls to new beds at the same time. by myself.

Eloise is moving to the top bunk. For most kids this isn't a major milestone, but with a girl who operates exactly like her mom and doesn't like change, it is. She didn't have a nap today so I'm hoping that it will happen quickly. So far a few tears but nothing major.

Lily is moving to her big girl bed in her room, temporarily. When I explained to her the other day that baby Sam would be taking over her "cribby" she told me that it was not baby Sam's "cribby" and that he would have to sleep somewhere else b/c it was her "cribby". She doesn't cry over anything, she just gets crazy, giggly, and out of control. We lowered the side to her crib about a month ago and we allow her to get out of bed after naps and in the morning. It hasn't proved problematic b/c she doesn't get up until 7:30. If she was crawling into bed at 5:30 I'd be a little more hesistant.

They've only been in bed 10 minutes and I think I'm handling it okay. If I wasn't pregnant I would have definitly opened a bottle of wine or beer for this one.


Jodi said...

Fun! I hope the evening is a breeze for you. :)

That's funny...I just napped Delaney in a big bed for the first time today. It was totally impromptu. She slept in Jack's bed and did great. She only got out of bed once and when I told her not to do it again she said "okay" and fell asleep. (!!!) SO different than her brother was!

Shelby said...
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Shelby said...

GO GIRLS GO!! I'm sure they will adjust just fine and give momma a break!

amanda said...

hang in there friend - and if you need me to help with the wine...well i'd be more than happy to help :)

aimee said...

Good job! How did it go??