Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

This weekend was messy, but really fun. Here's a look at the activities:


Digging and getting it all over our faces

Camping out in the backyard


Tricycle rides along the river

And more eating (smore's from last weeks FLF)

On top of all that add a BBQ with friends, two trips to IKEA, free breakfast at IKEA and our first experience with washing the car for the first time at our house (novel idea right!). It really was a fantastic weekend and a much needed rest.


Jenny said...

Love all the pictures. I was just thinking the other day about putting our tent up in the backyard. YEA for free breakfast at IKEA! How did the Smore's turn out? They look YUMMY! Love that pic of Lily!

Shelby said...

Oh Yeah! You know I love kids and mess! Looks like they had a fabulous time! And...those smores look devine!