Monday, November 30, 2009

then and now

When Dave and I had our first Christmas I was all about making our house look picture perfect. My parents brought us a beautiful tree. In fact, it was so beautiful, you couldn't even touch it. It was a Colorado Blue Spruce. Great color. VERY prickly needles. My hands were near bleeding by the time I finished putting the lights on.

The colors had to be matching and everything had to have just the right balance. My mom joked often about how it looked like a department store tree.

This year, 7 years later, the tree doesn't look as picture perfect. I had 4 tiny hands help me decorate and I was less worried about the look and more worried about my ornaments making it from the box to the tree without breaking.

But it's beautiful. I love the ornaments we have collected over the years. The blueberry fairy, the snowbabies that the girls now call snow fairies. The white polar bears and the crystal snowflakes. I picture many more ornaments to come, some homemade and some bought.

I don't miss my perfectly matched tree one bit.


amanda said...

this is why we have soooo many trees in our house :)

you are a better mama than me!

Katie said...

My tree is definitely still Deptartment store looking. A sign of the difference in our lives perhaps? :-)

But mine does have ornaments from the many places across the globe that I've visited.

Pretty cool memories for me, and yours is full of fun memories for you guys. So I suppose we aren't too different after all.