Friday, December 18, 2009

favorite link friday

We're looking for lots of fun things to do around this house lately. Here's a few that have entertained us.

*Edible play dough recipes - we did the peanut butter play dough with the powdered sugar. Delicious!

*Gumdrop garland - haven't attempted this yet, but it looks fun.

*This is the best peanut butter fudge recipe - and we've been making it ALOT. We don't add the pecans and we add a small layer of melted chocolate to the top.

*Glittering fairy ornaments - the girls would LOVE to do this. Too bad their mom has a fear of what could happen with glitter in the hands of little ones.

*I think I'm going to try these



Julie said...

Thanks! I ADORE the gumdrop garland! I'd be on my own making it this year but in the next year or two my little helper will be big enough to do it with me! :)

amanda said...

is it weird that i am scared of edible play dough? thought so :)

and the glittering fairy ornaments - a total must!

thanks friend