Friday, January 22, 2010


It has been one crazy week in this house. Dave's first week back at work and my first week being a full time mama again. So far, it's good. But I'm looking forward to spending some time with Dave and the kids.

*Been following Marc Driscoll on his trip to Haiti via Facebook. Here's some video of him and another pastor who are helping with Churches helping Churches. Very moving.

*I'm going to make some of these when my moms comes with her sewing machine. I think they might be good toys and also little warm fun snugglies for bedtime.

*I found these cute flowers for the wall in the girls room. I'm REALLY tempted. I was planning on painting some but I can't find the right materials.

*Cute little crafty storage blog that my friend Anne is a part of. I'm drooling just thinking of the organization I could do.

*I'm making these tomorrow for our marrieds church get together. The trick. Stick them in the fridge before baking. No more flat cookies.

*Is anyone else freaked out by this? The extensions are just putting me over the edge. Really?


Shelby said...

Great links Kate!

I must admit (blushing) but I like Kate's new do! I think it is a nice, fresh start for her /:

Jodi said...

I made a bunch of those warmers for Christmas! It was the first time I've used a sewing machine since seventh grade, so I was pretty proud of myself. My kids take them to bed every night. They're so great for these cold nights.

Kate said...

I with you...the hair is freaking me out. I found some of the wall art sticker flowers at tj maxx a month ago, at about half price - so look there first! Love you!

amanda said...

must make those cookies!!!

and seriously how do you find all these great sites??

kate said...

amanda - I've got some skills :) or rather too much time on the internet

I must have forgotten to write out Favorite link friday. :)

Jusbeth said...

Kate- we have some of the wall stickers (the dots on the same page) and they are going strong after being moved three or four times from one room to another. I don't know how the other brands are, but this one has been worth the money for us.