Sunday, January 31, 2010

the penny

It was a little while after dinner. I had just finished cleaning the house and vacuuming. We also took apart the girls beds to try and find Lily's 4 missing binki's and de-book Eloise's bed (she's book hoarder at night).

I left Eloise's comforter on the floor and the girls invented the new game, "cheesy roll-up" (we go to Taco Bell every Sunday). They would roll the other person up and pretend to eat them. They get huge creativity points here.

I was on the couch holding Sam when suddenly Eloise comes running out, "Mom, Lily just swallowed a penny".

Are you kidding me? She swallowed a penny.

I quickly lay Sam down and go running hoping she isn't choking. I get in there and she's sitting in the 'cheesy roll-up' with a shocked expression on her face. I get down and ask her to breath and if she's okay. I asked her if she swallowed the penny and she bursts into tears. "I ate the penny", she says.

I take her out to the couch and on my way I'm trying to explain that we don't eat penny's. I told her we needed to figure out what to do. And she tells me, "we need to go to the post office".

No post office, but maybe a call to my friend Mary, a pediatrician, to figure out what to do. All is well, it will simply "pass".

I should make mention here that her mother, yes me, swallowed a nickle when she was 12. I was paranoid I was going to have surgery to get it removed. I had x-rays done and from what I know, it's no longer in there.

We all sat down on the couch and talked about all the tiny things that don't go in our mouths, nose, and ears. We figured we needed to cover ears b/c it's the one hole left in our head that hasn't been filled with something, remember the shoe.

As we were finishing up our conversation Eloise says, "If we put Sammy in our mouth. Sammy will come out in our poop". What an interesting observation.

Here's hoping for no more objects in places they don't belong.


Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that hilarious telling of your evening!! Poor Lil, hope she has fun looking for the penny's return! Now i know more of what to look forward to in this life of being a parent! miss you all!

Cutzi said...

haha!! My little brother (now 10) swallowed a penny when he was little too. The doctor told my mom to check over the next few day to make sure it came out. Typical for my brother, he was nervous about that process - so, being summer, my mom let him poop in the yard over the next two days. Easier for her to search through and a little more exciting for my then 2 or 3 year old brother.

Poor you! You guys get yourselves into some predicaments, don't you?!!

amanda said...

bless her heart! and yours! you really are a great mama - totally cool and calm :)

Rachelle said...

What a cute post about such cute kids! I laughed out loud!

rebecca said...

First the shoe, now the penny....I really am waiting to hear what's next;)

Allison said...

Yes, cover those ears!

Ellie swallowed a penny a year or so ago, and the pediatrician told me to buy some latex gloves and check her poop to make sure it came out. Ewww!!! Anyway, her first poop after the fact was at church, and there was no way I was getting involved there! She's fine. You're right, this, too, shall pass.