Friday, January 1, 2010

favorite link friday - most memorable moments of 2009

I thought I would like to all my favorite happens of this year. Since it's New Year's Eve and I'm going no where but the couch, why not catch up on it all.

Here goes

*We found out we were having a boy!

*the tiny little shoe in a tiny little girls nose - who could forget that one.

*I wrote a guest post for Rocks in my Dryer - I loved doing that.

*a Mother's Day filled with Hello Kitty band-aids

*the curve ball of losing a job - we could still use one.

*the arrival of our sweet baby boy - SAM

There are those and so many more. Thank you all to read my blog. I appreciate your kind notes, caring about my family, and walking through this crazy journey of motherhood with me. You are cherished. Happy 2010!


Kate said...

This post made me cry. I don't know why except that I just feel honored that you allow so many of us into your events - from as "small" as a shoe up the nose to as big as losing a job. I think you are brave, not to mention a fantastic writer, and I love you. Call you later so we can continue our chat from yesterday! Love you.

amanda said...

what a year friend :)

happy 2010 to you too!!