Friday, January 29, 2010

favorite link friday

I've found some interesting reads this week. Some encouraging, thought provoking, and inspiring. Let me know what you think?

*A great post from a mother with boys and her view of Victoria's Secret. I could not agree with her more. The moment the catalog comes to our house it goes in the recycling outside. It's a way to protect my husband and, in the future, Sam. A pure heart and mind is a good thing.

*For those who are organizationally challenged - here is a good place to start.

*Thinking about reading this book but I'm hesitant. If there is one thing that gets me fired up, it's more pressure on mother's to be perfect and rise to the occasion at every moment. But I'm curious and wondering what they might have to say. Anyone read it?

*I'm going to attempt to make this for Dave's birthday on Monday. It looks incredible rich, but I gave him other options and he chose that one.

*And I'm planning on listening to Mark Driscoll's sermon on Haiti this week. I'm hoping to carve out an hours time.

Have a great last weekend of January.


Cutzi said...

I didn't read the post about V.S. but I do know that I called years ago and asked (insisted) that they take us off their mailing list and we've never received a catalog since.

Love the organizational stuff - my favorite was the myth that only type A people organize. I am so scattery in my brain and most of my life was one big creative jumble for so long - organization saves me. I've become way more organized since having children, too.

I should find some time for Mark's sermon as well. It's never wasted time to listen to him.

Always love these Kate!

Allison said...

I enjoyed that post about Victoria's Secret, thanks for the link. I have a bloggy friend who once referred to it as "Victoria's Not-So-Secret House of Socially Acceptable Porn" and I think that pretty much sums it up.

And that chocolate torte looks to die for!

RachelC said...

Go here to get off all sorts of mailing lists