Monday, January 11, 2010

it's time for some pictures

I've been taking pictures lately of daily life to make sure that I document the creative and hilarious ways we make it through the day. First though, I need to add a few Christmas.

An attempt at a sibling picture. I love Sam looking at Lily.

Finally successful

A trip to my parent's cabin up by Mt. Rainier.
I'm pretty sure Lily has to go pee in this picture.

Look at that sweet face. She didn't want to come inside.

Playing in the fire

Lunch on the chairs in the kitchen. Why not?

Cute little boy in the bath.

These two enjoying rest time together

Lily climbs on everything.
She figures if Sam gets to sit on the table, so does she.


Kate said...

oooh can't wait to kiss them all on Saturday!

amanda said...

love peeking into your world.