Thursday, June 17, 2010


This post on 3 kiddos was an incredible encouragement to me today. I've had a hard time lately putting my thoughts into words about how the transition to 3 has taken life to another level, but she does a great job.

As I was talking with a friend last night about the difficult dynamics, i am reminded that community of those in our same situation is key. To be able to call and express frustration and know that the person on the other end gets exactly what you are feeling and thinking. They know your heart is pure but so incredibly tired and overwhelmed. Thank you Lord for the gift of fellow moms. It's priceless. (Thanks Aimee!)


aimee said...

I love you, Kate. You are a true friend. Can't wait for Tuesday!

Bekah said...

Although we haven't even met, and I rarely get to see Aimee, I am so thankful for you guys (and for Stacey and other moms with 3 small ones). Sometimes in the midst of difficult moments, I'll remember you guys and take comfort in knowing I'm not alone in these struggles.

I do want to encourage you guys since I'm a tiny bit ahead age-wise. I feel like things are approaching a really nice phase. Jack is 5 1/2, and can do *SO* much for himself and loves being helpful, even with his siblings. Nathan is just about 4 and he is making progress in learning to control his impulses and obey, and he is even learning to play nicely with his sister. Alice is 20 months now and seems to enjoy going with the flow, and is beginning to play nicely independently and with the boys. Although I can see the "terrific twos" on the horizon, this is a super nice phase. Not too far off for you guys. I hope you also see your hard work pay off in your kids lives, and consequently, in yours!

I hope we can meet someday... :)

kate said...

I appreciate you Bekah...:)))