Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cooking with kids

I am over the moon excited about the new cookbook I picked up from the Library. I think I've been on the hold list for over 2 months now.

Good to the Grain.

Eloise and I spent a half an hour just looking at the pictures. I can't wait to dive in and read all the good details after the kids are in bed.

People ask me how I cook with my kids or they wonder if I spend time with my kids because I'm cooking in the kitchen. First, I spend time with my kids. Second, my kids cook with me in the kitchen b/c that's where I spend my time.

I'd also like to note that there are so many posts all over the blogosphere that cite great ways to cook with your kids. Here's my thoughts: You aren't going to have a successful time cooking with your kids if you don't enjoy cooking.

I don't craft. It makes me want to break out into hives. For some, this is how they feel about cooking in the kitchen with their kids. I've just decided that instead of forcing myself to do things with my kids where I'm gritting my teeth and worrying about every little speck of paper that falls on to the floor, I'm going to do the things that I love with them-bake and cook.

Don't be mistaken, there are many times where my patience is tried while two little girls are standing on chairs at the counter trying to box one another out for the last remaining cup of flour to dump. That, is where I need to reevaluate and find a better solution.

For me, baking and cooking has an end result that helps all of us out. Crafting, it's just another piece of clutter for me to keep or throw away. My kids do crafts at church or preschool classes, they don't do crafts at home.

So there you have it. I cook with my kids b/c I love it, but that doesn't mean it's always easy.

I'll let you know when I make something fabulous out of Good to the Grain.


Cutzi said...

I think this is such a wise philosophy. Just do what you do, what you love - with them. I do this too - I decided very early on that tons of complicated crafts or activities was not for me. (Although I have been inspired by a blog I read - she has older kids...5-12 maybe? and she does "Craft Thursday" where they do a special craft on Thursdays throughout the summer. Outside. Not a bad ideas. I could maybe do that. But anyway.. I'm rambling.)

My kids garden with me, cook with me, read with me etc. Can't wait to hear what you make!

Allison said...

I love cooking, but I've always been very territorial with my kitchen. It's not something I like about myself, but cooking is kind of therapeutic for me, and I don't want the kids messing with my focus. I need to find a way around that, because I have girls who love to bake and cook, but right now they do most of it with their grandmas. I would be interested in hearing how you handle all the interruptions and messes!

kate said...

Allison - I take it recipe by recipe. If i know it's something easy and I know it well, then I can handle the craziness much better. I also put a towel down where we are working so I don't have to worry about wiping up any mess. I just have to remember that they love to watch things dump, are learning how things feel and taste and I remember doing those kind of things with my mom. So it's not perfect every time, but if I can self talk myself into knowing that it's just cooking and it's just a mess that can be wiped up, I can handle it much better.