Saturday, June 19, 2010


Omsi offered a new perspective but it brought with it two tired and weary parents (one who is still recovering from "surgery" and did a bit too much).

I'm tired fellow mamas. I'm tired of repeating myself. I just told Dave a few moments ago that I was sorry for giving him directions all day. It's all I do, give directions. I'm tired of giving directions. And then I feel like a big fat whiner for complaining about disciplining/training/raising children. I signed up for this.

I know this is a phase. I'm practical. I see the practical things in life and know there is an end and a new phase will begin. I know to appreciate the stage I am at now b/c that stage will pass. I know.

In a season where I am more tired than I have ever been before. More distracted. More weary. I plead for grace. Please, Lord. In my many moments of failure, let there please be redemption for my mistakes. Let there be memories of love and life. Let my precious daughters, most of all, know they are just right in who they are and that their mama finds favor in them regardless of their shortcomings. Because Lord knows, I've got them too.

Tomorrow is new and so are His mercies. Here's hoping for a more cooperative tomorrow.


Cutzi said...

Oh I feel your ugh. And raise you one. ;-)

My good friend Amy always reminds me that this time is about sowing - not about reaping yet. It is good for me to remember as I feel like I am sowing... and sowing.... and sowing.. .the same seeds over and over again.

Now grow!!

And they will - I just think this is a very unique season in our lives. Having all VERY little kids who can't really help much. But they'll get bigger, we'll start to reap some, we'll get wiser.

For now, just hang on! And yes, so thankful for new mornings. Also - thankful that these little ones seem to have very forgiving hearts toward their mamas. In fact, I had to ask Steele for it today. And without missing a beat he said, "It's ok Mama."

kate said...

THANKS CUTZI - your reminder is so incredibly helpful. I will appreciate those words about sowing immensely. You and I really are in the same boat. :)