Thursday, June 24, 2010


Summer seems to have finally arrived in the Northwest. It's been a long spring with all this rain. Our cherries have had a rough go with the rot but we managed to salvage a few. Strawberries are finally in season but ours, again, have taken a hit with the rain. We're looking to get our U-pick on here soon.

I burnt my last batch of granola, not good. But I have a new recipe that might inspire me again.

We're planning some mean popsicle crafts around here in the coming weeks. Crafts aren't my thing but I may be able to swing the flower one.

I read this article this week about raising daughters without eating disorders. I've been thinking alot about how I am going to shape their view of food and of body image. I'm trying to refrain from the words "fat" and "skinny" and keep us focused on feeling good and healthy.

Along the lines of eating, I'm trying to fall in love with vegetables. I like cabbage and this one looks like a great recipe with the asian turkey meatballs on the side.

And because everyone needs a cute crafty project to dream about. Mine would be filled with different herbs.


amanda said...

i still have yet to tackle the granola...not sure what i am so scared of??

and that cute crafty project? uber cute! can't wait to try that one!

happy weekend friend :)

Mommy Nash said...

Thank you for the link on girls and eating disorders. As a mama of two girls, this is something that weighs heavy on my mind.

Shelby said...

Somehow I missed this post.

I love that you are concerned about shaping their view of their body image. I have watched my sister go through a severe eating disorder since she was in highschool. It was/is very painful to watch. She is now is a mental health counselor so her studies have helped her heal from her disease but the effects and mentality will forever be there.

I certainly think it is great for us moms to be imprinting healthy body image early!