Friday, June 4, 2010

9 month old Sam

this is what is keeping me busy these days - a little boy who crawled, pulled himself up and is getting into everything all within a 2 weeks time. Good thing he looks super cute when he's pulling everything out of my diaper bag.

And this just cracks me up b/c he will suck on this but refused to take a bottle.
We use the top to give him gripe water. Maybe that's why he likes it.

His sister's sure do love him.


Kate said...

He is just perfection.

Julie said...

He's beautiful! (you need to update the pic of him on your sidebar) :) Ok, I'm an idiot - what's gripe water?

kate said...

julie - it's for gas and you're right about updating the side bar. He was only 5 weeks there!

amanda said...

good gracious you guys make adorable babies :)

happy nine months sweet boy!!