Sunday, September 12, 2010

First soccer game

We signed Eloise up for her first activity...Soccer!

She loves it. Saturday was her first game and it was hilarious watching the kids (ages 5-7) try and figure out how to navigate this new game. It always cracks me up when the other team scores a goal for them. But it gave her an idea as to how to play the game. Little sister is going to have a tough time waiting patiently during practice and games.

Here's some of my favorite shots.

Lily extremely bored with this activity that has nothing to do with her.
Daddy makes a great bed.

Following soccer we had a fabulous garden Fairy birthday party. I'll post pics of that tomorrow.


Jessica said...

it's called bee hive soccer. LOL her big cousin approves! LOL

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

I can't believe it!! She looks like a pro already! And you did the party on the same day? amazing. Can't wait to see pics!