Tuesday, September 7, 2010

savoring the moments

Oh, September, you have arrived. The school buses are traveling and parents are driving to and fro. It's time to start the yearly routine. Lazy summer days have ended and it's time to start back up with the world.

It gets me thinking about how great it is to have one more year of all my kiddos at home. There are times when it drives me insane and I wish for just one moment of peace, but when I stop to think about the fact that they aren't always going to be home, I appreciate the fact that we are still hanging out together.

I've chosen to stay home and not work and with that comes the priviledge of laying around in our sweats, if we want to, watching videos on days where no one feels motivated, and doing preschool lessons with the older two while Sam plays under the table by our feet. It feels great and I am savoring the moments I have before me b/c I know they will pass quickly.

I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with these three? They're hilarious!


amanda said...

adorable :)

and you are so right mama...these are the days to savor and soak up!!

(especially during our favoritest season) :)

Kate said...

oh my gosh, you make cute kids, my friend!

AnonyMe said...

Kate, we have another year, too. So- Me, too!

TcH said...

yes do enjoy it, b/c it goes fast. Im in the grieving stage right now that it is over... we will never not have school again. I miss my big girl already. :-(

did you get a new freezer?? LOL