Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garden Fairy Party

I love throwing parties. It's so much fun dreaming about what it will look like, searching the internet to find great ideas, and coming up with a frugal way to pull it all together.

This year Eloise wanted a Rosetta party. Rosetta, a garden fairy, is on Tinkerbell. So we decided on a garden fairy party. She got to invite 5 friends, one of which was her sister.

When I did my first search I found Tom Kat. Oh man, I love this blog and I love that she turned her passion into an amazing business. She had given her daughter a fairy party and I loved all of her ideas. I quickly got to work on tutu's, fairy wands, and wings. All of which came out exactly how I wanted them.

I got my inspiration for the cake from here, scroll down to see the Silvermist cake.

Decorations were great fun too but I couldn't exactly put into words what I wanted so I had to wait until the last minute to work with it. Martha Stewart has a pom pom tutorial that made it easy to whip up these pom poms. They are selling on Etsy too, but I don't have to pay for shipping. I borrow some toile from some friends and flowers from our church. My mom helped with the tablecloth and live flowers and we were ready to go.

She picked out a few items for the food. It was at 3 so we did snacks. Honey Wheat pretzels from Trader Joes (her favorite), pickles, olives, cheese, pixie sticks, pink chocolate over oreo's, sparkle juice, hot dog rolls and strawberry cream cheese star sandwiches.

Our little fairies began to arrive and select their fairy gear.

Aren't they all sweet looking
They ran around and played for a bit and then we began the The Great Fairy Treasure Hunt. Dave and I hid a treasure box with small fairies inside. Then we did 5 clues around the yard. It was fun to watch them running in their tutu's.

I love all those little girls searching for the clue. so cute.
This little guy couldn't decide if he wanted to be in on the action or make a run for it. I think he chose to run. My mom was sure to keep him entertained.

We ended the day with blowing out the candles

opening gifts

laughing and sprinkling pixie dust all over the yard. It was a really fun party and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

A big thank you to Nana who helped to make this happen. We love you!


Hoover Family said...

The party looked like a lot of fun! Every 5 year old girls dream!

Unknown said...

wow Kate, your decorations are incredible. I agree, every 5 year old girls dream. Note to self, must do better this year. You will be my inspiration!

Ashley N said...

Unbelievable!! I am SO impressed. That is the cutest party idea I have seen in a long time, and your pictures look like pages out of a magazine. I love all the details, and you ROCKED that cake! Great job, mama!

amanda said...

dude you are the next tomkat :) seriously honey everything looks amazing!! beautiful party friend!

Anonymous said...

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