Thursday, September 16, 2010

what we're doing

Kinda felt hungover from the Fairy party this week. I think I recovered today.

I'd like to point out that even though I pulled off the fairy party, the rest of the house looked like this behind closed doors. Can't do it all, right?

Just keeping it real

I love this post by Kelle Hampton. So true about the ordinary. BTW - if you are not reading her blog, you should be. Start here and bring a tissue, it's amazing.

I'm making these for dinner tomorrow night. I spend way to much time on Our Best Bites. It just makes me hungry and now that I've been doing the Shred almost every day, I don't really need another reason to be hungry.

We're loving Starfall.

And we're also enjoying Barefoot Books. Super great in the morning to listen to.

It's approaching pumpkin season soon, my favorite and I plan on posting the Great Pumpkin Post. Lots of my favorite recipes to share. I'm already digging them out. If you have some I need to try, comment and let me know.


amanda said...

it's kind of freeing to post those pictures isn't it friend?

and you have me totally obsessed with our best bites. i wish they just lived in my kitchen :)

and you know i can't wait for the great pumpkin post.

keeping it real + a love of kelle + our best bites + all things fall?? equals you and me friend :)

happy week!

Along For the Ride said...

I have to say Kate, that I totally appreciate this picture. This is my house SO much of the time...whether hidden or unhidden ;-) Thanks for showing a bit of real life. :-)