Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween was great fun this year.  We love our friends and we love trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Near the end, Lily was saying her candy jack-o-lantern was too heavy and she needed to go home.  We gotta LOT of candy.

Our pumpkins, the princess and the pirate
 Our little animals, kitty, poodle, and the chicken 
(yes, I know, he looks like a girl)
 Our dinner group kids
 My sweet girls
 the little boys.  They are 10 weeks apart (Sam is older) and Matthew is 10 lbs heavier (maybe)
They started talking to each other after we'd left them there for a few seconds.  
I wonder what they're thinking.
 the girls of the group
 And our little girl chicken
 All the candy two little girls could ever want and Charlie Brown's: The Great Pumpkin.
Such a fun Halloween


Jessie said...

I'm shire when he looks back at this he's not going to be happy you called him a girl!! Haha they all look so cute!! =]

amanda said...

loving your pumpkins! and the kids all look super cute!

can you believe october is already over?

ps - making THE pumpkin dessert tonight! will think of you when i scoop out a big helping :)

rebecca said...

I snorted when I saw the "little girl chicken" picture. His expression is priceless:)