Tuesday, March 4, 2008

About to go postal on the bank

Frustration is mounting as we speak. Most of you know my deep, deep desire to get a mini-van. The opinions are split, some like them, some don't. I LOVE THEM! My friend Breeze and I traveled to Idaho (with our infants) for our friend's wedding. The rental car company blessed us with a spacious, wonderful van. It was so convenient. We were able to nurse without having to worry about the '50 year old woman, i can't believe you are doing that in public' stares and men feeling uncomfortable at the possible thought of seeing boobs. We could change diapers, hop in the back when a child was screaming, and strew our luggage everywhere. It was GREAT!

Fast forward to last Friday. I've been looking on craigslist for months. We wanted to pay cash for our van so I knew I had to be quick on the e-mail when I saw one listed. Our tax return went through and the massive search began. I found one and we drove it on friday. "I'll take it!" We dropped a deposit and set up plans to have our mechanic check it out. I instantly moved money from an online bank into our local bank so that monday after everything checked out I could get a cashier's check.

Well...........apparently the 2 to 3 business day rule is literal and has a time constraint. I did it too late on friday so that didn't count as a business day. Monday did. Here I sit on Tuesday night still not seeing this money in my checking account. I'm about to lose it. Oh, forgot to mention this minor detail. WE SOLD MY CAR! Yep, I'm stuck at home. Anyone who knows me, knows that at 3:30, the girls and I are out of the house. I dream all day of what errand I get to do from 3:30 - 5:30. Quite often it's the mall (I love that place). Two days in a row I have been home. Last night was fabulous. My friend Jodi and her kids came over for dinner. It was a great excuse to stay in. Tonight however, an entirely different story.
A quick breakdown: Lots of screaming, Eloise threw up all over the floor (reflux, not flu), Lily fell in the bath, Eloise jumped on Lily's head and then proceeded to throw the most ginormous trantrum when I went to put her to bed. And this is all on top of the crappy naps they both had today.

I can't tell you how many times Dave or I have checked online or called to see if our money has gone through. I even asked the lady over the phone if she had any control over how fast the money went through. Nope! All done by computers. Seriously, these computer's are going to be the death of us.

If this doesn't go through tomorrow, I'm pretty worried about what Dave is going to do to the sweet people at the bank. He's not known for his patience. This weekend the fire alarm was beeping well after he had taken the battery out. He has fought with this fire alarm before. After losing his cool, in a calm, fatherly way as to not disturb the children, he took the offending item down, walked out to the garage and proceeded to destroy it with a hammer. For all you safety conscious people, we have 4 other alarms in the same vicinity and our house is quite small. No need to worry. (I'd like to note here that Dave is not a violent man. You will not be hearing about some crazy lunatic in the bank on the 5 o'clock news. I promise.)

To the online transfer approval computer: "I WANT MY VAN!"

here's a pic


Jodi said...

RuthAnn has your same van and I'm always complimenting her on how much I like it, for the same reason you like it- it's the least mini-vanish looking of the mini's. Hers is blue too but I think yours might be a little lighter and more silvery. Hard to tell from the picture.

This might be my least interesting comment ever.

TcH said...

OH NO you went to the other side. You went to VAN WORLD. eeeks!!!!!

Did you ever see that Friends episode where Phoebe took that fire alarm down and beat the heck out of it with a hammer??? ah ah ha!! It was so funny. The firemen came and gave it back to her. Hee hee. Reminds me of Dave. Wouldn't it be funny if I brought him back a beeping alarm?? OK.... maybe not.

Praying your money goes through so you can get your *ahem* van.

hee hee

Jenny said...

OOOOOH you're getting your van! How exciting...NO more bonking the kids heads as you're putting them in or taking them out. ;o)

You sold your car FAST.

Let me know if you'd like some company tonight.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE IT!!! (: Congrats!