Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Right

So pukefest has entered our house again. Of course, through Eloise. I'm starting to think that a)the Lord is using her puke-capades to teach me more about him, b) I'm cursed, or, c) there is something wrong with her immune system. I think she got it from me, but I never had vomit. However, I have learned that if anyone within a mile radius of her has some sort of sickness that could involve vomiting, she will get it.

Anyway, following this sickness there is often diarrhea. She is now potty trained and today she wanted to go poop. She asked us to leave the bathroom and go sit on the couch. We were in the kitchen and this is what follows:

me: "Eloise, is your poopoo runny?"
E: "no"
me: "is your poopoo hard?"
E: "No...It's just right."
us laughing
E: "WOW! That's alot of poop."