Thursday, March 6, 2008



The bank pulled through. I checked this morning at 7 a.m. and thought I might vomit just typing in my password to the online banking. I closed my eyes and prayed that if it wasn't there I would be calm and collected. I opened my eyes and there it was. The numbers I've been waiting to see since Monday. I can get my van! (I feel like this previous statement should be something more exciting, like a BMW or something. Nope, just a beautiful picture of efficiency for moms....the mini van.)

I was dead set against mini-vans until this year. While growing up, my best friend Michelle's parent's had 2 mini-vans at the same time. Her dad was a drug rep. We both swore we would NEVER drive one. They were so uncool. Well, she got hers 4 months ago and now I'm getting mine. Humility, what a funny thing.

I would like to note that the Lord has used this time to teach me to stop and play with my girls, to focus on them and learn how to balance play and work. I now trust my ability to stay home and not go insane. I have set up several crafts for Eloise and look forward to planning them more often


TcH said...

congrats.... I think. ha ha ha!!

Just kidding. Im happy that YOU have a van : -P

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Katie said...

This is awesome!! Vans are totally convenient, and you are a Mom so its totally cool to have one. Now if you were a single twenty something with no kids a van would be pretty odd. :-) Which is why I drive my cute Civie.

What kind is it? I can't tell... Mazada? Looks kind of like the Odyssey.

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rebecca said...

Welcome to the club Kate:) I am so glad you have joined "the dark side".