Monday, March 24, 2008

Fresh pair of kicks

Every sick months to a year I treat myself to a new pair of black shoes. Always black. Because really, is there a need for any other color? They are not fancy, just everyday-live-in-them-could-walk-through-Europe-in-them shoes.

I always buy my shoes at Nordstrom. Sounds snotty, but it's not. I just believe in the quality, customer service, and a fantastic return policy Nordstrom has to offer. And I don't buy alot of shoes so when I do, I want quality. I had my eye of a few lately and took them for a walk aroudn the store. This pair won out. Hands down the most comfortable. I LOVE them!

Here they are - the Keens Sienna Mary Jane in Black

Cheers to those who love new (black) shoes!


Cutzi said...

ooooo.... cute. I'm kind of liking your theory on this shoe issue. The six months. The color.

But what about brown? And I do like my red shoes. And my plaid ones. Do you wear them with skirts?

I think I need to follow suit and go to Nordstrom and buy myself a new pair of shoes.

Jodi said...

Yeah, I might just have to copy you and buy a pair myself. The only black shoes I own are my boots and I don't even want to tell you where I bought them or how much they cost. Let's just say they're not very good for my feet, and my knees ache for days after I wear them.

I can tell you have the flu on your brain: You started your post with, "Every sick months to a year..."

I thought it was cute. :)

Katie said...

Those are really cute... I new you were looking for black mary janes and they had some at work on clearance and I kept forgetting to tell you. But really these are way cuter! I need a new pair of comfy black everyday shoes (I have my eyes on a specific pair). Though I don't buy shoes ever six months, more like every six weeks. I have a problem.

TcH said...

Im with Katie, I love me some shoes. Kambrie and I both have way too many.
It's a sickness really.

kate said...

I would love to buy shoes all the time, but I do have a foot issue. I cannot wear just any shoe, they have to be comfy. which usually means expensive.

jodi- that is hilarious, I didn't even notice.