Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pukefest 2008

It's becoming an annual event in our house, or should I say bi-yearly.

I've been knee deep in vomit since Friday and I'm done. Does anyone else have that smell in their nose for days?

Friday it was me. Thankfully no puking. That night Eloise. Sunday night Dave. This was horrible. He must have thrown up 20 times. And if you know Dave, he gives 100% of himself to things and vomitting is no exception. He was so loud I thought our neighbors would wake up. The Lawrence family can attest to this, we brought Ahl-bola to their house in August. Later that night, Lily goes down. Once and she's done. Monday night, again. Tuesday afternoon, again. She chose to spread hers out over 3 days.

So after laundering all towels, blankets, a few crib sheets (I threw one set away b/c I didn't have it in me), carseat covers and lots of jammies, I'm tired and I just want someone to come deep clean my house. I'm so overwhelmed now with my yard, my house and even my car. I'm so tempted to hire someone but I just don't know if I could justify it. Where is my mother?

Bodily fluids don't make me queasy, they make the process longer. If a child poops, it's generally contained to one area, when a child throws up, it's EVERYWHERE! And it takes 2 loads of laundry to get the smell out.

Here's the cherry on top. Tonight, after a long session in the car with the girls screaming, eloise wanted to sit in my car in the garage and "drive". (the garage door is closed and the key is no where near the car - that's for you safety kate) She tells me she has to go potty, which lately means she already has. Yep, she peed in my seat. SERIOUSLY! One more thing to wash?

I know I'm complaining, but sometimes a mama just has to let it out.


Cutzi said...

I am all for being honest! (just read my most recent post) Some days/weeks just suck. Fortunately, this too shall pass.

And what's up with all the poopin' and peein' in the pants??? This has been happenin' in my house too!

kate said...

cutzi - I know, the bodily fluids are just too much sometimes. hugs to you friend.

TcH said...

Im so sorry :- (

Anonymous said...

I AM SO SORRY to hear that it returned....you deserve a week away by yourself in the sun with fruity drinks:) Sorry we cant be there to puke with you this time...I miss you friend. I think of you alot. Jenny

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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aimee said...

Oh Kate! I am so sorry. I wish I could come and help you...I love cleaning. Hope your family filled the puke quota for the year!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Kate....I think you and I were working in tandem this past week. It is HORRIBLE isn't it. I'm hoping it is over for the both of us! xoxo