Wednesday, July 2, 2008

just pictures

We've been so busy that I've forgot to post these cute pictures of all our activities.
Here we go.

Now I know why Kate Gosselin freaks out when her kids get within 30 yards of a mess.
It's alot to clean up and we've had several days like this.

Family ice cream night in our jammies.

Lunch with friends

Lily's new pool.

My friend Stephanie came to visit with her kids, Luke and Audrey.

Luke and Eloise had fun chasing each other around the yard with squirt guns.

They enjoyed filling them too.

Just for laughs. Lily, mid-meltdown, and I still have a smile on my face.
(and my tongue sticking out?!?)


rebecca said...

Great pics Kate! Love Lily's pool, that is too cute. Also love the one of Luke and Eloise bending over the pool. I love summer!

Jodi said...

I love picture posts! The dirty rear is my favorite. :)

amanda said...

for my favorite i can't decide between the dirty hind end and the double hind ends in the pool!!

sooo cute friend :)

and when beans is older can we borrow the ice cream in pj night? i love that idea!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

What fun and summery pictures! They made me feel ready to get out and play!!
Happy 4th!!

Jenny said...

I thought the ice cream in PJ's was a fun idea too. Cute Pictures! Hope you've had a great week and that you have a good 4th! :)

Anonymous said...

YOu know that you have the most picture perfect lawn & yard Kate! Look at those roses and perfectly groomed yard (not to mention the fab playhouse!) Looks like fun!

kate said...

shelby - thanks, it's all a facade. Once you see the lawn, you'll notice ALOT of weeds. That's last on our list of things to do. We do love our backyard.