Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I LOVE Google reader. It's the best.

However, it hinders me in a few ways.

1. I can't see people's blogs. Half the fun is looking the their designs and checking out their links.

2. I don't update my blog to reflect who is on my reader.

3. I rarely comment. I'm horrible. And for some strange reason, it doesn't link back to my blog. It says my profile is hidden. So if you get some strange comment from a girl named Kate and her profile is hidden, it's me.

So, change #1. I've updated my blog to reflect most of the links in my reader. Enjoy!

**I should have been taking a nap while my girls were asleep the last 2 hours. They are both sick and I'm sure it will be one of those days. But hey, Wednesday is now $1 waffle cone day. Maybe we'll have to head out for a treat.


amanda said...

when my google tabs were broken i switched over to the reader too.

1 - totally agree, it doesn't feel as "personal" when i read the post through the reader.

2 - once again completely agree. i am totally outdated.

3 - i feel like i am cheating. i can read and you don't know i visited. which means i might not comment. makes me feel guilty :(

4 - we don't have tcby, so can you send me a free cone??

anne said...

I'm adding you to my list...hope that's okay! :)

aimee said...

Oh my, Kate! You always make me laugh...loved your comment about the peppermint patty. I laughed out loud. They are my favorite....have had 2 within the past week. :)
Jono and I were talking a month ago about how we missed TCBY. We thought thay it didn't exist anymore, so thanks for the tip...we'll be there next Wednesday! Do you have time to hang out next week? Anyday after Tuesday works fo me.
Love you