Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nana Hangover

We have, in our house, a phrase we use to describe the days following a return from nana's house. It's called the 'Nana Hangover'.

And we are in the midst of one.

I believe Nana's house should always be fun. Nana has already been a mama and it's her time lay on the fun times. We do try to remind her to make sure they have meals and to put them to bed on time. However, it's the small stuff that my kids know Nana will cave and mama won't.

So we deal with the after effects. The tantrums when we ask them to sit in the high chair, the drastic meltdown and refusal to eat dinner when we plead with them to eat ONE pea, and the repeated attempts to get mom or dad to change their mind.

Despite all the Nana hangover's we've been through, we still appreciate our nana and the time she spends with us.


amanda said...

what a sweet, sweet picture of the three of them :)

i guess it does make the nana hangover all worth it huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I like that "nana hangover". Travis' mom is our girls "Nanna" and we were just talking the other day that whenever Keira is at her house for any period of time, we totally have MAJOR attitude on our hands. BUT, they all have so much fun - they just have to come home and "detox" afterwards. lol.


TcH said...

You guys are WAY too nice. I always tell Kambrie if she doesn't' shape up she wont be going to Grandma's for fun stuff again for a LONG TIME. It usually works.
Just call me mean mommy :- )

Kelly said...

Cute kids! I like that term, it is a good way to put it : )