Monday, July 28, 2008

Nursing? A great diet plan?


I just stopped nursing Lily 3 weeks ago.

Half of you are thinking, "Great job!" and the other half are thinking, "Really? That's kind of weird".

I completely understand where both thoughts are coming from. My plan was to nurse both girls until they were 1 to avoid having to buy formula. With Eloise, I got pregnant when she was 8 months old and my milk was gone by 10 months. With Lily, she never took a bottle and there was no reason to end at one year.

I wasn't nursing all the time. Just 3 times a day after a year and then weaned from there at 16 months.

I'm not emotional about this stage of life with her being over. I'm devastated about the fact that I can't eat anything!

I joined WW after Lily was born and lost 35 lbs in 6 months doing their nursing program. I could eat like a queen. Well, maybe not ice cream and candy all day long, but I definitely didn't have to figure out how to deal with being hungry. I don't know how to eat without nursing and as a result I've gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks!!!!

However, I have found a great spinach salad that makes all this less eating a bit easier to swallow (pun very much intended). I'll post that next.

So all you breastfeeding mamas, enjoy your diet now, b/c when it's gone, it's gone.


Unknown said...

I totally agree! Our little gal is 10 months old, it will be a rude awakening when she stops nursing :)

amanda said...

seriously add this to the column of reasons to not quit nursing.

i just told the hub that i don't think i am going to stop at the one year mark.

we are down to three times a day. and emotionally i don't want to stop. and my hips, belly and butt also agree!!

hang in there sister with the spinach salad, i will be joining you soon enough!!

TcH said...

OK dont hate me, but I actually lost weight after I quit. I have heard of women holding on to 5-10 lbs of body fat b/c of that.
It is a hard balance though learning how to eat different. I did find myself eating MORE b/c "I could"
You are so disciplined, I know you will find something that works for you. And you look great BTW. I didnt notice the 6lbs. Try not to get down on yourself. I know you will accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Plus it doesn't help that your such a fabulous cook!!!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Allikaye is 18 months and we are still going strong i don't think you are weird at all for going past the year mark! And also...thanks for the advice! I am also excited to go shopping for that spinach salad! Yum!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I've only been done about one week. I supose I need to be a bit more careful as I haven't changed my eating habit. Not looing forward to those extra 300/500 calories a day that I'm sure I consumed! Dern.