Monday, July 21, 2008

10 things I know I love

I have always admired people who are assured of their likes and dislikes. They never waiver on those things, they just know they know.

For example, people who don't like chocolate. They know they don't like it, so they don't eat it. First, I think that is an amazing gift to have the dislike of chocolate, but to follow through with it and actually not shove their face full of it when someone serves it, is serious. That is one confident person who knows what they like and don't like.

So it got me thinking, what 10 things do I really love. Those things that bring me the biggest smile and the greatest satisfaction. (Jesus, my kids, and husband are a given)

Here goes:

1. Old Navy basic T's: This is a funny one b/c I dislike ON with a passion. I've tried to search through every nook and cranny, every sale and non-sale item and I've come up empty everytime. The only item that works for me are their t-shirts. They are long (I have a long torso) and fitted (of course, I would never wear them without something over, I've had 2 babies).

2. Cool Whip: My mother and grandmother are passing out on the floor right now. I grew up with nothing but heavy whipping cream. Cool Whip is 100% fake. Nothing real. Bring on the partially hydrogenated oil. I love it, I buy it every week and I would eat it straight out of the tub. (okay, my grandmother may have just had a stroke)

3. Black Shoes: Well this explains that. However, I did just have to make an emergency purchase of brown sandals and I may be warming up to the idea that a black shoe doesn't fit all fashion needs.

4. Target: I love their clothes, their baby stuff, their isles, the food court, etc... I honestly believe that they have done something with their lighting to make it addictive. I think I'm there at least 2 times a week. Sometimes 3. (I always try to go to the one that's closest for gas reasons)

5. Throwing stuff away: The actual physical act. I become giddy when a product I'm using gets to the end and I am allowed to throw it away. One more piece of clutter gone.

6. Hoodies: I'm so addicted. I have 12 or so. These are the best baby-belly-hider's. Who doesn't need a cute hoodie to throw on when you feel like you don't have any clothes?

7. Safeway Cookies: I think I have something with hydrogenated oils. There is nothing like a fresh baked Safeway bakery cookie. I usually head to Safeway on Saturday night for a newspaper and a few other things. I always tell myself that I won't pick one up, but they just draw me in.

8. Checking on my kids before I go to bed: It's the most precious time of the day for me. They are peacefully sleeping and in the oddest position. It's so cute.

9. Filling out forms: I love going to a new doctor b/c they send you forms in the mail. I get so excited when they arrive b/c I can fill them out that evening. I know the appointment isn't for a month, but it doesn't hurt to be ready, right?

10. Starbucks Carmel Syrup Americano with a little whole milk: Delish! I'm really just posting this one so that if I ever have one of those days, here's what I love.

I want to know your list too. I can think of so many people I want to do this. (I really just want to tag Angela as a sorry attempt to get her to blog something). So if you do it, comment and let me know that you have your list done. I can't wait to see it.


TcH said...

What? What was that?? OH sorry. I think I fainted when I read that you said you HATE Old Navy.
Oh my. Im not sure we can be friends anymore.

ha ha

The Horne's said...

I LOVE filling out forms too!! With a blue ball point pen!

Unknown said...

Oh Yes! I love filling out forms! I thought I was the only one!

amanda said...

love your list.

we have much in common friend.

promise to let you know when i do the list - still in unpacking mode, but i will get to it :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

What a great list!! I am with ya on a lot of those! And I call Target...Glorious Target...that's it's real name! :0)