Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time outs and "are you kidding me?"

Tonight Eloise put Dave in a time out. He was having some frustration issues with our washer and didn't react appropriately. When he came in to apologize to us, Eloise told him that he needed a time out. She walked him to her room and had him sit in the time out chair.

She then walked back out to the couch and waited. I told her she had to let her daddy out of time out. When she retrieved her dad, she told him, "I forgive you dad".

Then a while later we were talking about the story of Joshua. She's been watching it on Veggie Tales lately. Dave and I were trying to get her to remember how many times Joshua walked around the wall. She wasn't recalling.

Me: Eloise, Joshua walked around the wall 7 times.
E: Are you kidding me?


aimee said...

Kids are the best! Love the stories. I have company from tomorrow through next Tuesday, then let's hang out! Spent the morning throwing up...rough. It''ll pass soon I hope. Can't wait to get together- sorry it has been so long.
Love you love you love you too!

The Gerster Family said...

LOL! That is adorable. :) THanks for the grins

amanda said...

awww daddy time out :)

very cute eloise!

Katie said...

I love it! She is such a character that girl of yours.