Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What did my 4th mother's day bring?

*A singing card that sings "I will survive"

*A beautiful climbing plant that Dave picked out for me--we took it back b/c it doesn't seem to fit our climate all that well.

*Gummi Fish

*3 hours by myself to clean and do a few projects while Dave and the girls were out shopping.

*A fantastic dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Tapatio...delish!

*New pretty flowers the girls helped me plant

A tall 3 yr old covered in 13 Hello Kitty band-aid's
she took from the bathroom during rest time in my room......and left the trail of wrappers in my bed too, amongst other things.

The joys of being a mother


Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy Mama's Day! Glad to hear you got some time to yourself! Despite the "dand-aids" - as Allikaye calls them!

rebecca said...

HaHa! That looks strangely familiar to my house, only swap the Hello Kitties for Camo. Why are some (all?) children fascinated by bandaids?

amanda said...

sounds like a lovely day friend :)

happy mamas day!