Sunday, July 12, 2009

the end of pregnancy

It always amazes me the questions and looks pregnant women get right before they give birth.

There is the, "Oh my, you must be due any day now. How long do you have?" 2 weeks. "You must be so ready to have this baby then". Frankly, no. I'm aware of what's coming...a newborn.

Then there is the phone calls. This happens mostly with my mother. If I call twice in a row without her answering, I guarantee the first call back will start with this, "Are you in labor?" No mom, just asking about a recipe.

This is my favorite. "You must be having a boy." This drives me crazy for some reason. Probably b/c I didn't know with my first two and I just don't want to give people the satisfaction of being right. Purely my own issue.

Then the looks. I never knew one person could gain so much pity just by putting on an extra 30+ (we won't give the real number here) around their mid-section. It's almost as if they think I don't know it's there. "Are you aware of that ball underneath your shirt?" Yes, I'm aware and I know how it's going to have to come out too.

A picture will follow soon. Almost 38 weeks!


Julie said...

I remember stopping with my husband for coffee the morning we were going to be induced. I SO badly wanted someone to ask how much longer so I could say TODAY TODAY TODAY! Mom calling back wondering if you're in labor cracked me up - I felt like everyone was so worried and thought I was so fragile.

rebecca said...

HaHa!! I love the "I'm aware of what's coming..." line! The last 15 minutes of labor and the first year are huge hurdles to overcome for me when deciding to have another child. Ouch and a year of no sleep.
You funny Kate.

Dena said...

it was great that everyone always returned my calls.

i made a button that said DUE MAY 28, all in pink letters...I got tired of being asked. Funny how with the first you HOPE people ask you...

the end prize is SO worth it!!

Katie said...

Oh man you crack me up!