Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adjusting to a new life

Change and I are not good friends. Routine and I, BFF's. I thrive on the idea of routine and order. When you add in a change to my life that is drastic, I go a bit loopy.

Like a job change. Dave and I have had a great schedule for 4 years. I do morning and nighttime and he is home during the day. The girls get the best time with him and it leaves just a few hours a day for me on my own.

On the weekends when dad is home, the girls usually are a bit out of control. It's fun to have dad at dinner and bedtime so it makes sense that they would be a little crazy. Transfer this to the last 4 days, both Dave and I recognized the need to explain to the girls why dad would now be home in the evening. They seemed to get it and we hope to pray together as a family about daddy's job.

I knew this might be an adjustment for them but I didn't expect it to be an adjustment for me. I have loved my evenings alone for the past 4 years. I put the girls to bed, clean up the house and sit down to watch my shows while I'm online. Now I have to fight someone for both. I have to choose what I want now--computer or TV. This is a bit much. I'm almost tempted to figure out ways for him to do something in the evening just so I can get my time back :)

So we have now entered into the life of every other couple in America. The fight over the remote and what's on TV. This is going to be a fun ride I'm sure.

On a side note: We are taking our time to breath deep, get our ducks in a row financially, and prepare for a new baby. Dave is wise and a great leader and he is eager to see the way in which the Lord will lead him in this next phase of job hunting. I know we have great things in store. Thank you all for your compassion, love and kindness. It's encouraging and incredibly humbling.


Kate said...

You and your family inspire me! Seriously. We love you! Just tell him that you are pregnant and you get the remote/computer whenever you want right now!

kate said...

love you friend. going to call you this weekend.

Shelby said...

Hugs Kate! Some how I had no idea you had those free hours during the day and evening. I can imagine that is quite and adjustment. You will do just fine. God made us to be resilient!

love to you and yours!

P.s...I can not wait to meet this new young lad!

Unknown said...

Kate - Something that I wanted to share with you (if you have a half an hour alone time!) is a sermon that really helped me recently:

then scroll down to 3-15-09 "Fear or Hope." The speaker Kevin is a friend of mine.


Emily said...

OMG do I relate!!! When I went on maternity leave, I joined Matt at home all day. (He had been laid off for several months already.) On top of everything else, I was trying to work a few freelance hours from home. I thought I was a selfless person until he hopped on my computer when I was forced to stop and feed Sadie!!! Doh!!! We had to hook up a second computer in the dining room so he could get his fill of You Tube and Facebook while I browsed my designy blogs and worked from home. I feel for you! You'll figure it out. : D