Saturday, July 18, 2009

the sweet moments

Picking Strawberries

Catching our little sneaker eating all the strawberries

4th of July swimming (Eloise is about to get clubbed with the noodle)

Fireworks --which Lily had no fear of and wanted to touch the sparkler
Pop-it's, the favorite

Eloise fell asleep in the birth tub
(I realize this is really weird and she may be one
of the few her age who even know what a birth tub is)

38 weeks -- Ginormous!


Julie said...

Great pictures - you feel huge, I think you look fantastic. I've never seen a birthing tub... Ok, I wasnt' going to ask for fear of looking like a complete idiot, but it's for people?

Katie said...

I love seeing the pics of the girls! So hysterical seeing Eloise in the tub. Its good to see what you look like. Only two weeks and I can see the difference. That's amazing!

Shelby said...

You DO look great Kate!

Jess has that puppet and my kids 'would' recognize that tub but (don't take this the wrong way) but they would call it a cattle trough. That is exactly what we use for our cows to drink out of...LOL. Hey...whatever works!

Kate said...

You look FAB and only your tummy is big. Sam is ready to come out and meet his family! Love you.

AnonyMe said...

My kids know about the birth tub, too, and it is a very special and sacred place:) That is a wonderful pic of Eloise.

amanda said...

awww look at baby sam!! i think he might be ready to come out very soon friend!!

and loving all your sweet moments :)

kate said...

Julie - it's what shelby said. A cattle trough...but for people. We line it with plastic and I labor in it but don't give birth. It's to hard to get comfy.

Shelby - my parents have one on their farm and the girls called it that too :) so funny.

Unknown said...

So glad to see you're focusing on the sweet moments and not letting the worry overtake you!

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

So fun! It looks like you are making the most of the summer! Only a little bit longer! I love the floaties that the girls are in at the pool... where did you get those?

kate said...

Kristine - we bought the floaties at Target but I think you can get them anywhere. Costco too. They come rolled up in a circle in a cute carrying case and then you blow up the inside and outside. They can't climb out and they are very stable, we love them.